We were the first salon in Florence – and maybe in Italy – to introduce an innovative concept: a luxury salon for hair spa treatments, using working methods and systems, like the two water systems our Luxury Hair Spa features, which represent an absolute innovation in the field. Our salon also has a series of distinctive features that emphasize this new concept: exclusivity (tailor made service, very few Clients allowed a day, no more than two at the same time), elegance and refinement, atmosphere, privacy, a café, a bookcase, a plant-covered wall, and the Rituals you will “live”.

One doesn’t come to our salon to simply cut or dye their hair but rather to LIVE AN EXPERIENCE – our Luxury Experience!


Sensory Experience

At our salon the setting and atmosphere are an inseparable part of our sensory experience that we all want to live all the time, even when we taste a dish made by a great chef, rather than when we go to the local restaurant to have a simple plate of pasta. And this is why we perform our Rituals all the time, and when we prepare Henna we show the procedure to the Client and we place it into a dish just like only great Chefs can do.


Refined and elegant setting, soft atmosphere, sophisticated music: soft, chill-out, lunge, nu-jazz, and nu-soul. Our Clients have the possibility to stay in separate spaces that are free from loud noises and gossip – almost a private room where our Clients can relax, get pampered and chill out just like if they were in their own living room, sipping a herbal tea made with natural organic officinal herbs and obviously with alkaline water while reading a good book or drinking champagne or Prosecco.


It is the details that make the difference and that is why we work on it with obsessive care, with infinite passion, dedication and professionalism with the aim of making every demanding guest who is looking for an extraordinary service and lifestyle happy. We have focused all our business on attention to detail and we always want to provide an excellent product. Explore our SPA to realize everything we have thought of for your well-being.


n a world running at the speed of light, we went in the opposite direction making a brave decision, creating a place where TIME stops and takes its Place back, where our Clients can treat themselves to the real luxury, taking back ownership of their TIME, getting pampered without haste and living a “timeless” experience.

Green, Bio & organic

Everything makes us different, even our products. Instead of famous and commercial brands, we chose a niche brand of “natural” products whose scents can be even smelled through the packaging and that guarantee a high-quality performance.